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Lupien Limited has been involved in the computer industry in one form or another for more than fifteen years. For the last thirteen we've been building FileMaker databases. We get a real kick out of watching our clients when they first start using their new FileMaker solution. Invariably they love it as much as we do. They are blown away by how easy it is to use and at their increased efficiency: information is only a couple of mouse clicks away, and there's no more searching through folders (paper or electronic) trying to find that one vital piece of information. There's not much FileMaker can't do!

At Lupien Limited we believe that FileMaker Pro can successfully provide the solution to the majority of business needs. Which is why our clients span a variety of industries including: publishing, graphic arts, advertising, photography, manufacturing, retail and small business.

Our goal is to build intuitive, user-friendly solutions that quietly get the job done and then get out of your way so you can do yours. For this reason we spend time with our clients at the beginning of each project so that we understand their unique work process. It has been our experience that this "up front" time is key to building an effective, successful solution. Contact Lupien Limited to discuss your database needs today.

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