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Image Archive with Thesaurus

This project combines the power of FileMaker Pro with Cumulus (using AppleScript as the interface) for a total image management package. Once images are cataloged, the archivist uses the hierarchical thesaurus (created in FileMaker) to add descriptive keywords. With the addition of the thesaurus, this solution provides a more robust method of keywording than was previously possible.


Advertising Sales

We have built a number of these systems for publishers of one as well as publishers of multiple titles. We have also built similar systems for advertising agency use. With this type of solution it is a simple matter to track ads by issue, with or without contracts. Some publishers use insertion orders, others don't. Whatever the method, FileMaker gets the job done including billing, receivables, commissions, production reports, mailing tear sheets, follow-up reminders for sales reps, revenues by issue and more...

Door Schedules

When this client came to us they were using a single FileMaker file to track custom orders made up of many doors each having many components. Their old system forced them to duplicate data and did not allow them to print the type of attractive proposals they wanted to present to their clients.

The new system, now a multi-file relational FileMaker solution, has streamlined the process. It has eliminated redundant data, automated more of the work and produces handsome reports they are proud to present to clients.

Database Publishing

We have created a number of solutions to facilitate the publishing process. It begins with a simplified data entry process and concludes with an export to desktop publishing software, formatted and ready for printing. This process can save hours, and in some cases, days of formatting time. Thank you, FileMaker!

Contact Management

There are a multitude of contact managers available from various software vendors. But for some clients none of them quite fit. Enter FileMaker. When your needs can't be pigeonholed into a neat box, FileMaker allows you to "Have it your way." We have built contact managers for a diverse clientele including: photography, radiology, publishing, direct mail merchants, international shipping, casting directors, import/export, artist's representatives, beauty salon, interior design, and non-profit groups. They were all unique in their own way because they were designed to meet the specific requirements of each client.

Business Management

This is one of the most requested databases. We have built quite a few over the years. But the most rewarding was for a record company. They had previously kept their records the "old-fashioned" way. Far too much time was wasted going through paper records and performing calculations. Preparing quarterly tax statements brought business to a halt. And royalties to artists hadn't been paid in, we won't mention how long, because there was no method in place to track them. With their FileMaker system, quarterly tax statements take less than five minutes. While royalties are paid on a regular basis, much to the delight of the artists.

This is just a partial list of the many databases Lupien Limited has designed in FileMaker Pro. For more information or to discuss your database needs, please email or call us today.

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