Oh My Aching Knees


After seeing how well the joint supplements worked on the horses, I decided to give the human version a try. For years my knees had given me trouble, needing to be popped frequently, and providing my very own early storm warning alert. Car and plane trips were torture. So I began taking them and hoped for the best.


What I got was way more than I ever expected. Not only did my knees stop bothering me, but one day I noticed my stride seemed longer. How could that be? I had never noticed that it was shorter! After puzzling over it for a while it hit me. My hips had stiffened up from some old riding injuries. The supplement must have repaired the joints allowing me to move more freely. WOW! Talk about the fountain of youth. It literally made me feel ten years younger.


As if that wasn't enough, I had been living with a damaged tail bone after a bad fall on the ice. Sitting in the car for more than an hour was very difficult, and no matter how I positioned myself, it was uncomfortable. After about six months on the supplement I went on an 800 mile road trip. It was then that I noticed I could sit comfortably again.


Somewhere during this time my father came for a visit and was telling me that his Doctor wanted him to have knee replacements. He was in a lot of pain and his mobility was severely restricted. He refused the operation and had decided just to "live with it."


When I heard that, I told him about my success and showed him how much it had helped the horses. He was definitely not interested in taking a bunch of pills, but I kept after him until he agreed to give it a try. Much to my delight, he called before the first bottle was gone to say he needed more pronto so he wouldn't run out.


Dad has been on the supplements for about eight months now. He can move more freely, and most importantly, without pain unless he does an excessive amount of bending and lifting. He's progressed to the point that surgery is unnecessary. He doesn't complain about taking all those pills anymore.



Runner Restored


My husband, the runner, had been putting in 60 mile weeks in anticipation of running a half marathon. In addition to regular runs he started adding speed work. He pushed himself too far too fast and ended up with an injury that left him unable to run. His Dr. prescribed an NSAID and told him he would have to face the fact that he had 50-year-old knees and couldn't run like he used to.


After six months on the NSAID there was no improvement. He was unable to run, gaining weight, and thoroughly unhappy. I suggested he stop the NSAID and try the supplements which had worked so well for me. He wasn't crazy about the idea since he can't swallow pills and has to chew them, but he wanted to run again. Somewhere during the first bottle he felt well enough to start short (2 mile) runs. After a couple of bottles he was up to 20 miles per week.


It wasn't too long before he was doing 30-40 miles per week. At that point he decided to do some more speed work. Oops, too much too fast! He injured his Achilles Tendon and had to stop running again. At this point I persuaded him to add an additional supplement which complemented what he was already on. This combination worked so well for him that in just about two months he was back to 20 miles per week. Normally this type of injury takes many months to heal so he was ecstatic. He faithfully chews all his supplements twice a day and is once again looking forward to a half marathon with lots of 5 and 10Ks in between.



Magic Owie Spray


That's what we started calling one of the products after a visit from an active five year old who seemed to need it every few hours. We have found that for any bump, scratch, cut, etc. liberal spritzing speeds healing and lessens trauma (mentally as well as physically).



She Can Breathe Again


My mother suffers from emphysema, asthma, a whole lot of bronchial issues and a number of other serious health issues. She has long been interested in alternatives to drugs, so it didn't take much convincing to get her to try the program. We started her out slow on just one formula. About a month later we added we added one we hoped would help her bronchial troubles. She had good results so gradually we added a few more to address other issues.


I started to notice that when we spoke on the phone she sounded better, more energetic and not always out of breath. I believe it was about eight months after she began the program that she saw her "breathing" doctor. He told her that her lungs were at 90% capacity and to keep doing whatever it was she was doing!


Later she told me that she had gone from using her inhaler every day to just twice a week. Before she started she couldn't walk 20 yards to the mailbox. Not only can she do that but her level of activity has increased and she is feeling better than I have seen her in years.



Puncture Wounds on my Horses


During a week where we got over 12" of rain two of my horses managed to get puncture wounds on their legs. One of them had already begun oozing pus. I ran into the house and grabbed some remedies from my arsenal.


I used this routine twice a day for a few days. Both healed up beautifully. The hair grew back and there was not a trace of proud flesh.



Scary Leg Injury


One week after dealing with two puncture wounds on two different  horses, a third managed to badly injure her rear leg. Judging from the evidence, one of the herd bit her, she tried to escape and caught her hoof on something. In pulling free she tore her heel loose at the coronet and wrenched her leg clear up to the stifle.


She was a pitiful sight barely able to hobble around, just touching the toe of that foot on the ground. There was no way I could trailer her in that condition and we can't find a vet who will make farm visits.


With no choice but to treat her myself, I ran for my emergency arsenal. She was badly swollen from stifle to pastern and the leg was hot.


The next day the heat had moved down a bit. The stifle looked better. She was still hobbling but not quite as pitifully. We very slowly made our way to the hose and cold hosed the leg for about ten minutes. That was followed by the same regimen as the day before.


Each day we continued with her customized regimen and each day there was improvement. In just a bit more than a week she was walking normally. The swelling has all subsided and the heat is gone. Except for the detached heel, that will have to grow out, there is no evidence of her injury.



Tell Me More


If you'd like more information on the products we use, please feel free to email. Because we've had such marvelous success we have begun offering customized programs to others.


As you probably noticed, we are very enthusiastic and enjoy the opportunity to help others.





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