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Rusty is a copper chestnut OTTB. After his racing career he became an eventer and showed much promise. When he developed mystery lameness, he was put out to pasture. After a few months with no progress, it was decided to rehome him and so he joined the Seven Springs herd.


He has a real puppy-dog personality and his owner was sorry to see him go but alas she needed a sound riding horse and wasn't able to wait indefinitely.


He's been with us now nearly two years. We put him on a custom supplement regimen, full turnout and balanced his feet. He was moving beautifully in pasture after his first winter.


Since then we've been riding him on trails and quiet nearby roads. He's a bold trail horse and really seems to enjoy being engaged. He has a huge play drive and is always teasing the other horses, resulting in a few bare patches on his hide. This boy is ready for a job to stimulate his mind!


Rusty 2008


Rusty 2008


He is very smart and sensitive. I ride him with a rope hackamore. He has one of the softest mouths I've ever seen, and he charms everyone he meets. Ideally we'd like to find him a home with someone with great hands who would put his athletic abilities to good use. He seems to enjoy jumping and looks good doing it. He says he wants to try fox hunting.


If you or someone you know is looking for a horse who really wants to spend time with a special human and go on adventures together, you owe it to yourself to see this boy.




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