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Misty is a breeding stock Paint (meaning she has minimal white). Her sire was quite colorful, her dam was breeding stock. She obviously took after Mom.


Misty was purchased from the breeder in March 2001. She was halter trained (kind of) and gave kisses. That was the extent of her training.


I brought her to a stable in Brooklyn where I expected to saddle train her pretty quickly and enjoy lots of leisurely rides in the park.


Unfortunately, the breeder never taught her to trailer load. When the professional hauler I hired picked her up, he and the breeder had a very difficult time. It took several hours and Misty ended up with some physical injuries that would start the two of us on a journey we never expected. (More on that to come.)



misty of seven springs


Here she is outside the stable in Brooklyn with her friend Joel. She lived there for three years. She loved our rides in the park but was not happy with the stable.





misty of seven springs


Here she is June 2004 at her new country home, fresh from the pasture happy, healthy and glowing. As her friend, Osiris, holds her, you can almost hear her say “Look at what a pretty girl I am!”



misty of seven springs



December 2004: Misty has her first young rider, Sarah. She gave a wonderful leadline lesson. You can tell from Sarah's face that it went well.




misty of seven springs



This is Misty and her buddy, Flash, grazing and relaxing.



misty of seven springs



January 2006. I call this Snow Misty. She is a very special girl and has my heart firmly in her grasp. She's a delight to ride and so responsive that I'm always marveling at how truly wonderful she is.







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