Presenting  Ms.  Jasmyn  Dee  Bar

who arrived at Seven Springs on March 5, 2005


jasmyn of seven springs


Jasmyn is an AQHA yearling filly. She has a badly deformed left front foot which we hope to correct over time. She has a very sweet temperament.


Her sire is a buttermilk buckskin, her dam a seal bay. Any guesses on what color she will end up? She was a lovely caramel last summer.



jasmyn of seven springs


Notice the color on her muzzle.



jasmyn of seven springs


Side view of LF. We speculate that she injured a tendon while frolicking in the pasture. She was stalled except for a few hours of turnout per day so her muscles drew up as she favored the foot. This ultimately resulted in the foot knuckling over as you see here.



jasmyn of seven springs


Sole view of LF with bars grown down to the apex of the frog.



jasmyn of seven springs


Rear view showing how she has turned her toe into a platform which allows her to get around pretty well, even cantering.



jasmyn of seven springs


The heel is slowly coming down. This picture was taken July 2005. 



Jasmyn has integrated well into the herd. The leader, Toronado, has taken her under his wing and seems to know that she needs exercise. He can be seen chasing her around the pasture a couple of times a day. The bonus is that he needs the extra movement as much as she does.


We have Jasmyn on supplement protocol designed specifically to relax her muscles and build strong bones in addition to meeting her nutritional needs as she grows.



December 2005


Jasmyn has grown four and a half inches since March. She has filled out and no longer looks like a baby. Her heel is weighted and the angles are improved.



jasmyn of seven springs

Osiris loving on Jasmyn.


July 2008


Jasmyn is now quite the grown up young lady. We're still working towards normalizing her foot. It seems every time we get better angles going, she will pull a tendon and we're back to watching her weight the toe. Progress has been much slower than we hoped, but still it's progress. She is such a love and doesn't let her disability stop her. She gallops around the pasture with the herd and has a joyful attitude. As long as she's willing to try so are we. Meanwhile she's a gorgeous pasture ornament.




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