(or Flashmeister as we affectionately call him)


UPDATE Š Flash has been adopted!


Congratulations to Jody and Family of Binghamton, New York. We are delighted that he has found such a wonderful home. He walked right off the trailer as if he knew he belonged. We wish them many happy years together.





Flash meets Fiona. Looks like they will become fast friends.





FlashÕs Journey


He came to us in May 2004. An 18-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, seriously underweight and with lameness issues. He had been used for an unspecified number of years as a lesson horse.


Quite the charmer, he was very popular at the barn but his physical issues finally became too great to continue. ThatÕs when he came to Seven Springs for rehabilitation.


flash of seven springs




February, 2005. He grew quite a "wooly" winter coat. We put him on a customized supplement regimen in October and that proved to be the key to healthy weight gain and an end to his clicking stifles.


His hoof condition has improved and he now trots soundly on pavement.



flash of seven springs




Here he is just returning from a trail ride with a novice rider on board.    



flash of seven springs




Riding lesson with a first-time rider. Notice the big grin. Flash will stop if the rider starts to slip. He is a real pro.     


flash of seven springs




October, 2005 doing what he does best. Introducing a young rider to the joy of horses.


flash of seven springs





Summer, 2004. Flash didnÕt shed out well and he was plagued with flies biting his legs bloody. He was very toxic from whatever drugs, or other chemical substances he had been given through the years.



flash of seven springs

His unhealthy state also made him susceptible to sun sensitivity as shown in this picture.


The supplements helped him detox and achieve a healthy, balanced system. This year he shed much better and was no more bothered by flies than the rest of the herd. No more bloody legs nor sunburned face. He also has a healthy glow as seen in this picture taken June 2005. This is with no grooming, just Flash in his natural state.


flash of seven springs



Watch the video of Flash giving a riding lesson to a young woman who is just learning to steer.




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