Dakota of Seven Springs


Dakota came to us as a hopelessly lame navicular case. She's approximately twelve and was supposedly a polo pony and an Arab cross. She came from the New Holland auction so we'll probably never know any more about her history unless someone recognizes her and can fill in the blanks.


She came with very high heels so we began by correcting her hoof form. After some months on a customized supplement regimen, full turnout and good trims she was just slightly off.


At this point she just needs more miles on those feet to bring her around. She enjoys going out and engaging with people. She had practically no steering so we've worked with her on softening. She's broad like a couch and transitions into canter smooth as silk. 


Squeezing at Seven Springs

Playing the squeeze game with a friend.



Dakota of Seven Springs

She's a favorite with the youngsters who visit. Always patient and tolerant.



If you're an experienced rider in the NE PA area, and looking for some riding time, please get in touch with us.




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