arlo of seven springs


Arlo is a three-year-old miniature. He came to us in December of 2006. He was part of a herd dispersal and ended up at auction where he was purchased for a young girl. (He's pictured above with his bigger-me buddy, Merlyn. And yes, he's named for Arlo Guthrie. We think they share a lot of character traits.)


Unfortunately, Arlo was a free spirit who didn't respect fences. He would wander from pasture to pasture visiting with the polo ponies, sometimes going out on the road. Wanting to avoid tragedy, his new family decided to rehome him and thus he came to join our herd.


He was a very mouthy two-year old but in his third year he has calmed down considerably and is quite personable. He LOVES company. It wasn't long before he began escaping the pasture, walking right under the electric fence. He was so fuzzy it didn't faze him. Such a brazen little creature with an incredible sense of entitlement!


Each time he escaped I had a communication session with him and he was isolated from the herd. He would always say that he wanted to be good but just couldn't help himself. At last the combo worked and he has made no attempts to escape for the past six months. Phew!


arlo of seven springs

Arlo wrestles with Merlyn. Dakota engages in her favorite activity… eating.



He has fit into the herd amazingly well. He loves to wrestle with the geldings, sometimes nipping them until they go down on their knees. The mares tolerate him well and all are careful not to discipline him too roughly when it's needed.



arlo of seven springs

Arlo and Merlyn sharing minerals on table rock.



He's a mischievous critter with a (sometimes) unhealthy dose of curiosity. Recently we caught him getting a bit too close to a hen and her new chicks. He was told off in no uncertain terms which left him licking and chewing. Click here for the video.


For now he's the herd mascot. One day when we are able to obtain a cart and harness we plan to train him to drive. That will be a wonderful use of his excess energy.





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